Michael Bornhausen

Contact: [email protected]

Michael Bornhausen worked for several departments of the Hessian Police, including an evidence-gathering and arrest unit. In 2009, he joined the Department of Police Operations. In addition to working as a specialist instructor, he assumed management of the Tactical Communication Coordination Unit Hesse. In 2016, he began working for the Central Police Psychological Service of the Hesse Police (ZPD) and is responsible for coordinating the police operations and communication. Major Bornhausen is a certified social media manager and crisis manager. Starting in 2022, he became head of the Communication and Crisis Management Competence Center at the Hessian University of Public Management and Security in the Center for Police Psychological Services. He oversees Tactical Communication, operational communication, Press officers, and psychosocial emergency care statewide. He has served as a section leader in numerous operations, including leading the Tactical Communications section in the large-scale operation that lasted several months to continue the construction of the federal freeway A49.

Chapter in Anthology:
Mission Communication as an Integrative Overall Strategy in Protest 2.0