Building an Evidence-Based Training Curriculum for Public Order Policing: A Case Study

Assistant Director Jason J. Kepp notes that public order policing is a critical aspect of law enforcement, tasked with maintaining peace and safety during protests and other public events. To effectively execute their duties, police officers require specialized training that equips them with the necessary skills and knowledge. However, not all training programs are created equal, and evidence-based training is increasingly becoming the go-to approach for public order policing. Kepp shows why evidence-based training for public order policing helps improve officer safety and reduce the risk of injuries to officers and civilians. When officers are well-trained and equipped to handle public order situations, they are more likely to act professionally and appropriately, earning the respect and trust of the public. As the demands of public order policing continue to evolve, evidence-based training will remain a fundamental approach to ensure officers are equipped to meet these challenges.

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