Public Order Policing Anthology (German language)

After two years of work it is done – my book about Public Order Policing “Die Rolle der Polizei bei Versammlungen” (translates as “The Role of Police at Assemblies”) in german language was published. The introduction to the book and an overview of the authors and contents of the chapters can be downloaded here (click) free of charge. The book is available for order at Springer or Amazon or Kindle.

A first review has also already been published, among others in the Hessische Polizeirundschau, written by Rudi Heimann, Police Vice President of the Police Südhessen. A short excerpt: “The approximately 380 pages compiled by Bernd Bürger are an asset worth reading for all police practitioners and every person who deals with the phenomenon of people in gatherings, assemblies or events on a scientific as well as on an operational strategic and tactical level. And I agree with the editor in his assessment that the contents have not been the subject of practice-oriented curricula until now. Thus, it is initially left to each responsible executive to further educate himself with this work and to convey the contents in a suitable manner in order to effectively increase safety of the police forces entrusted to him.”
Hessische Polizeirundschau 4/22, p. 16.